Japan: Himeiji [2013]


Himeiji Hey guys! So this will be the last part of the 2013 Japan trip. The last excursion we had in Japan was to the second largest city of Hyogo Prefecture, Himeiji. It is famous for the World Heritage Site, the Himeiji Castle. Both the Himeiji Castle and Kokoen require admission fees so be sure … Continue reading Japan: Himeiji [2013]

Japan: Akashi [2013]

Ello everyone~! So I did mention before that I went to japan through the student exchange program offered at my school. So today, I'll be focusing on our sister school's city. Our sister school in Japan was located in Akashi, Hyogo. The city is located in the southern part of the prefect, on the Seto … Continue reading Japan: Akashi [2013]