About Me


My name is Daphne Phan and I’m a Viet blogger from Perth WA, currently in studying in Melbourne . I’m an absolute foodie who literally works just to pay off rent and eat out all day! I’m one of those people who loves travelling around but also doesn’t mind staying at home all day bingeing on my dramas.

I did have a travelling blog back when I was in high school around 2013, but didn’t really update much so it pretty much failed. HOWEVER! I thought I’d give it another go but with abit of a change. This time I want to focus more on dramas and food review which correlated more to my daily life rather than travelling which is quite limited.

Even though I am currently studying full time and working most of the time, I’ll do my best to keep this blog going. Feel free to email me if you have any suggested contents or enquires.

Look forward to my Journey with y’all! xo