Japan: Himeiji [2013]


Hey guys!

So this will be the last part of the 2013 Japan trip. The last excursion we had in Japan was to the second largest city of Hyogo Prefecture, Himeiji. It is famous for the World Heritage Site, the Himeiji Castle.

Both the Himeiji Castle and Kokoen require admission fees so be sure to sort that out when you go. It’s not that difficult though. When we went, we bought admission for both places and just went to both in one day.

Unfortunately, when I went to Japan, the castle was under construction so we didnt get to see the actual castle… we only go this…

lel. close enough i guess hahaha

Be aware! Going inside and climbing all those narrow steps requires alot of stamina… It was a years worth of workout for me (tbh probably because I’m super unfit anyways).

Each floor displays different furnitures, antiques and items related to the history of the building. If i remember correctly, the small holes around the buildings were used to shoot arrows through. Some of the doorways were like very small aswell. Probably for the ninjas or something hahaha.

I also recommend getting one of those guided tours because they actually tell you alot of interesting things about the castle and give you that mental support to keep going up all those stairs lel.


Kokoen is a Japanese style garden next to Himeiji Castle. It displays various gardens of the Edo period and also includes the lord’s residence. Below are a few pictures I took of the garden but it’s way more better to see it in real life. It literally just looks like a bunch of greens in photos…

Outside the two attractions are heaps of shops and restaurants. You can buy souvenirs inside the building or there are stores outside that sell them aswell.

SO YAHHH… That brings a wrap to my 2013 Japan Trip. I talked about each city very vaguely since I can’t really remember all the details (as it was quite a while ago). BUT I have been going to Japan again and other countries after that year so STAY TUNED! It might take me a while but we’ll get there!

See you soon

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