Japan: Akashi [2013]

Ello everyone~!

So I did mention before that I went to japan through the student exchange program offered at my school. So today, I’ll be focusing on our sister school’s city.

Our sister school in Japan was located in Akashi, Hyogo. The city is located in the southern part of the prefect, on the Seto Inland Sea west of Kobe.

Akashi is mainly known for the fresh seafood. In particular Akashiyaki. Akashiyaki is similar to takoyaki but instead of putting sauce on top, the fried ball is dipped in a thin soup.


If you’re someone who likes seafood, then I recommend going to the fish market. It is a MUST. The market sells all sorts of fresh seafood, so fresh that some of them are STILL MOVING (i got scared instead lel). You can also get akashiyaki there.

The fish market is like a shopping alley which sells not only seafood but also many other different foods, souveniers, snacks etc. If you do go to Akashi, remember to at least try some food there. You won’t regret it!

Personally, I still prefer the original takoyaki since I love food with full of flavour. But akashiyaki was also very different and nice, especially in the cold Winters. If you get a chance to try both leave a comment and let me know which one you prefer aswell!

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