Japan: Awaji Island [2013]

Awaji Island

Our next school excursion was to an island in Hyogo Prefecture called Awaji Island. This island is known for traditional puppet theatre and onions.

You can reach the island by catching a ferry from Akashi Station.

From the ferry, you can see powerful whirlpools known as Naruto whirlpools. The name is inspired from the manga/anime. “Uzumaki” meaning whirlpool and Naruto referring to the bridge.

From the southern side of the island, you can get a good view of the Onaruto bridge. If you want to get good photos of the bridge, you can go to the terrace inside the souvenir store, or there is an area next to the burger store.

Next to the bridge is the award winning hamburger store, Awaji Island Onion Beef Burger. I only got the chips from there but my friends said that it tasted really good! So try it if you get the chance!

Finally, we went to the Awaji Island Puppet Theatre. The performance runs for approximately 45 minutes with many different stories and puppets. Although the performance was entirely in Japanese, they handed out english translations of the storyline so it was quite easy to get a grip of what was happening.

This small day trip to Awaji Island was simple but very unique in a way. The puppet theatre was definitely something new for me.

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