Goodbye My Princess (2019)

English Title: Goodbye My Princess
Native Title: 東宮 (trad) / 东宫 (simp) / Dong Gong (piny)
Episodes: 52
Aired: 14 Feb, 2019 – 25 Mar 2019
Genre: romance, historical, tragedy


  • Chen Xingxu as Li Chengyin / Gu Xiaowu (5th Prince of Li Dynasty, later Crown Prince)
  • Peng Xiaoran as Xiao Feng (9th Princess of Western Liang, later Crown Princess)
  • Shawn Wei as Gu Jian (Li Chengyin’s cousin, Xiao Feng’s teacher)
  • Najima as Ah Du (Xiao Feng’s loyal servant)
  • Wang Guan as Pei Zhao (Loyal subordinate of Li Chengyin)
  • Xia Wu as Zhao Sese (Consort Liangdi of Li Chengyin)
  • Gallen Lo as Emperor
  • Zhang Dinghan as Empress

Synopsis from MyDramaList:

A love story revolves around the 9th Princess of Western Liang as she journeys to the Central Plains to fulfill a marriage alliance with the Crown Prince.
Having received overwhelming love and admiration as the 9th Princess, Xiao Feng is forced to leave the life that she has known in order to become the Crown Princess. Her husband, the black-bellied Crown Prince, holds the highest position second only to one, the Emperor. However, the Eastern Palace is the most dangerous place to be. For political reasons, the Prince has no choice but to marry the Princess from a foreign land. He has his own favoured concubine while she has her own life. Two parallel lines begin to intersect in a place fraught with danger and deadly power play and buried somewhere deep inside are memories that have yet to resurface.

~~ Adapted from Fei Wo Si Cun’s novel of the same name.

Recap/Impressions: (SPOILERS)

[I came across this drama after watching Chen Xingxu in The Legend of Condor Heroes (2017). After watching the trailer I was pretty interested and was patiently waiting for the drama to air. It wasn’t till I came across a comment in MyDramaList where someone had summarised the whole novel in english. Boy…, after reading about the novel I was pretty much HOOKED. This was literally the first drama I watched up to date from the first airing date all the way till the end. It was pretty painful waiting for the eps every week but it was DEFINITELY WORTH IT.]

Spoiler ahead: (But kinda obvious stuff from the trailer)

[The first few episodes were about the main characters first encounter and interactions in Western Liang. Then some messy stuff happens which affects their relationship. Xiao Feng decides to jump into the River of Forgetfulness and Li Chengyin follows her and they both forget about their encounter in Western Liang. The drama then sets in Eastern Palace where Xiao Feng and Li Chengyin are strangers with everyone else deciding to hide the truth from them. Then again another lot of jealously, betraying, misunderstandings and a whole load of messy stuff happens again. Xiao Feng then remembers everything but Li Chengyin doesn’t, not until the very end. The ending is technically a sad ending but I thought it was pretty good. Like, usually I prefer happy endings but to me it would’ve been weird if they got together in the end. Xiao Feng was too good for Li Chengyin and he deserved the ending that he got. ]

left to right: Gu Jian, Xiao Feng, Li Chengyin

Xiao Feng was a very naive character and sometimes the way she acted kinda got on my nerves. But then again, her character was quite realistic and I felt bad for her at times, especially the way Li Chengyin treated her. I’d say my favourite part about her was how straightforward she was and although she wasn’t that strong, she’s still stood up for herself.

I didn’t really like Chen Xingxu’s acting in The Legend of Condor Heroes but in this drama, his acting was so much better. Though, his character Li Chengyin gave me a headache. I loved him yet hated him so much at the same time. Like I could see that he really cared for Xiao Feng but then he would treat her so bad and say it’s for her own good. His logic was that if everyone knew he liked her, she’d be in danger. Bruh, you’re the one who’s hurting her instead, doesn’t make sense smh -.- I was so glad he didn’t end up with Xiao Feng in the end. He so selfish tbh.

Despite my mixed feelings for the main characters, they are literally so adorable together. Like at the beginning of their relationship before any politics were involved, they were so pure and innocent. The way they interacted and bickered all the time was so cute to watch. Even during heartbreaking scenes I could feel their love for each other. Flashbacks of their past always got my heart clenching.

A lot of characters die in this drama but the most rememberable one for me is Gu Jian ( It was as if I was cutting onions ): so sad….) I cried even though I knew he was going to die from the trailers. Gu Jian and Ah Du were my favourite characters in the drama. They stuck up for Xiao Feng the whole time and were so loyal to her. Well, Gu Jian did hurt her in the beginning but then I felt that his love and loyalty for her made up for it. He deserved her way more than Li Chengyin. But then again, that’s just my opinion.

MyDramaList rating: 8.4/10
My Rating: 8.5/10

Trailer with eng subs
My Favourite OST and MV of the Drama – 初见 by 余昭源 & 叶里

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